Size Genetics

  • Comfort 50%
  • Safety 90%
  • Results 72%
  • Guarantee Unknown
  • Quality 91%
Size Genetics

Is It Worth It?

Size Genetics has been around for quite some time and is very popular in the UK. Because it is made in China but sold from the UK it hasn’t received much recognition in the US. If you live in the US and are thinking of buying one remember shipping takes about 3 weeks and you will need to pay custom duties for it to enter in the country. If you are OK with this, keep reading to see what the Size Genetics system can do for you.


The first impression of the Size Genetics Extender can be found in its packaging. The Size Genetics Extender comes in a discreet package and does not give any indication of what is inside. Most men that use penis enlargement devices would prefer to keep the device a secret from their neighbours, family and the postal service. The device itself was packaged in foam material that would keep it from jostling around inside of the package. However the packaging foam was only on the sides of the device, not on the top or bottom. If the package was dropped or jostled roughly, it could have potentially damaged it.

The Size Genetics Extender also included a full colour booklet on how to effectively use the device to ensure safety and the best results. The directions for the Size Genetics Extender were easy to read and were written in several languages, which make it a product that can be marketed worldwide. The instructions were in-depth and seemed to answer many of the questions that users would have had when purchasing a penis traction device of this type. Unlike many other devices however, there were no spare parts included with the Size Genetics Extender, so had the device been damaged in shipping, it would have been unusable. The Size Genetics was shipped from the UK and $30 in duties was paid in order to receive the merchandise.


Many comparably priced penis extender devices are made with high-quality or even medical-grade materials. The Size Genetics Extender seemed to be made from a cheaper plastic material even though the price of this system is the highest on the market. The first impression of the device was that it was much lighter than was expected. Many comparable devices are made with higher quality plastics and metals, which make the device heavier than the Size Genetics Extender. The Size Genetics Extender did come with a flat strap that is supposed to prevent the penis from slipping out of the device which many of its competitors have moved on from. This strap is an older system and the higher end models out there now use a comfort silicone strap.


After using the Size Genetics Extender for the first time, it seemed that it was actually worth the price and the hype and that it really would live up to its promises. The Size Genetics Extender was comfortable to wear, was not at all painless and seemed to deliver on all of its claims of effectiveness. Unfortunately, after only a few uses, it was clear that the Size Genetics Extender was not made for repeated use. Although the first use of the Size Genetics Extender was generally comfortable, each subsequent use the device became more and more uncomfortable and major slippage occurred. It began to cause soreness in the groin and surrounding area where the device was held in place. The plastic on the device began to show signs of wear and at one point the plastic seemed to actually bend unnaturally which caused concern.


The Size Genetics Extender penis enlargement system did show results in a relatively quick time-frame. Overall results showed a 10% increase in length and 5% increase in girth after the recommended usage time. The device itself however did not hold up to repeated use. By the end of the trial the plastic showed serious signs of wear and the straps on the device had to be replaced much more often than other comparable devices. Although the Size Genetics Extender does give results faster than many other devices and is priced much higher, there are other devices on the market that also provide the same or better results and that are made from a higher grade of materials that will last much longer than the Size Genetics Extender at a price that just makes sense. Many other devices also come with spare parts. Spare parts with the Size Genetics Extender had to be purchased separately.


Although the Size Genetics Extender device is very expensive, the moderate results you gain do not justify paying such a premium price. There are better choices without the need to pay very high taxes and duties.

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