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Quick Extender Pro Review

  • Comfort 98%
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  • Guarantee 6 Months
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The Quick Extender Pro penis extender is like no other device on the market. It is the only penis extender device classified as a 2nd generation, CE Certified penis extender. It is the only one of its kind to introduce the Double Strap Support system. In this Quick Extender Pro review, we will examine this newer, updated second generation penis extender and see whether it really stands out among the rest.

What Makes It Different

Upon inspecting the Quick Extender Pro for the first time, we noticed immediate differences when compared to existing traditional systems. First, the material used in the Quick Extender Pro system is much more durable and sturdy than its competitors. The Quick Extender Pro is made from medical-grade materials that are proven to be safer than other devices made from cheaper materials. The new materials radically reduce its weight, improves comfort across the board, increases safety and really gives it a high quality finish and feel.

By incorporating lighter, stronger materials we noticed it allowed us to wear the device much longer, comfortably and without having to constantly adjust the device if we moved around (like walking or getting up from a chair). The second most notable difference in the Quick Extender Pro system was the new and improved glan support (the tip of the device that attaches itself to your body to apply the tension). This is known as their exclusive DSS (Double Strap System) which is radically different than what you will find with traditional devices. The third most noticeable difference would be packaging and contents.

We were sent the Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Limited Edition, their top system, and got to see how a heavily advertised product gets professionally packaged. This system came in hygienically sealed packaging with extreme amount of care taken to separate each of its parts with a quality control markings as each device is tested before it is shipped. We felt that to be worth mentioning as it demonstrates strict quality control standards, ensures the product will be 100% functional and free from defects since it is made in the USA. The Quick Extender Pro Limited Edition package is designed to produce maximum results through the highest tension springs, 3 months’ supply of Rizer XL to ensure the biological process occurs efficiently, a proprietary QEP Booster Pump for maximum blood circulation, memory foam for maximum comfort so you can wear the device longer and all this is protected by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, along with a 6 months no questions asked money back guarantee.

Comfort = Greater Results!

Quick Extender Pro

After using the device for only a short period of time what really becomes apparent is how comfortable it is to wear. This is mainly due to their exclusive Double Strap Support system (DSS). This new type of glan support allows the tension (what promotes penis enlargement) to be divided between two comfort straps. While you wear the device you won’t feel any pinching and you will also get to experience maximum tension without any discomfort. It’s a very unique and forward thinking method of how to wear the device. It works very well and we were actually surprised why more system don’t use the same method.

The Quick Extender Pro system will never slip and this is important because by wearing the the device without any interruptions means you will gain results much faster.

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