Male Edge

  • Comfort 85%
  • Safety 100%
  • Results 88%
  • Guarantee Unknown
  • Quality 92%
Male Edge

The Male Edge penis enlargement system is a great runner up to the second 3rd place penis extender. With great color and a flashier design, it still works on the same basic principles of penis traction. The Male Edge device still has a spring loaded mechanism, a base piece and glan support typically defining what a penis extender is. Unfortunately, we were a little disappointed the Male Edge did not update the glan support. Male Edge penis extender still relies on the older flat strap technology which most of the industry competition seems to have moved on from. We believe this lack of update is due cutting production cost as the device is also now made of plastic all around.

The Male Edge ordering process is quite typical of any online purchase. They offer the same anonymous billing and shipping practices expected when purchasing a penis enlargement package. Their website accepts all major credit cards, PayPal and western union. Unfortunately you cannot pay by cash, check or money order for those inclined to use alternative payments (the only manufacturer who handles alternative methods is the Quick Extender Pro). Using a credit card is quick, fast and easy and shipping is an additional 29.00 as it ships from Denmark! (Don’t forget duties to the USA)

The Male Edge system is offered in three distinct packages, Basic (179.00 +s/h) Extra (199.00 +s/h) and Pro (219.00 +s/h). The differences in the in packages appear to be very minor. Each package is distinguished by a different color and the amount of accessories you get. The website is also not very clear on what exactly the differences are and we feel that should be updated with a clear chart. It is not clear whether the higher end pro system will give better results than the cheaper versions. If you are on a budget, we believe buying the basic version might be your best bet as you can always purchase what you need individually from the website later on.

We decided to see everything the Male Edge has to offer and requested the Pro package for a review. The cost with shipping to USA is $348.00. The website only offers one shipping method so there is no option for next day delivery and the items are all shipped through the United States Postal Service. Shipping to the US from Denmark takes about 2 weeks and unfortunately we did have to pay custom duties to receive it. Duties and taxes amounted to $64.70 so the grand total we paid for the Male edge pro to get it from Denmark to the United States with shipping is $412.70. It was not listed anywhere on the Male Edge website taxes and duties were the responsibility of the purchaser.

The Male Edge package arrived in a discrete box free of logos. However, the package did include a description of the contents. The Male Edge was packaged very securely to protect it during the long trip from Europe to the US. Nothing was damaged and everything appeared to be included as listed. With the male edge pro package you will get 4 flat straps, 2 round gauze, the device pre assembled, a nice carrying case, a ruler to measure your size, a DVD and a small selection of extension rods. The device is very light as it is comprised entirely of plastic except for two small aluminum springs which provide tension to the device. The instructions are adequate but you can see the manual was translated from Denmark to English as the grammar is not perfect. Overall we are satisfied with the overall quality of the device however the entire package is missing quite a lot of extra accessories that would be useful considering the high premium price we paid.

Final Thoughts

Male edge is a decent package for beginners. The few flaws we saw shouldn’t prevent you from considering the male edge if your choices are limited. However, it is difficult to recommend this system when they still use the outdated flat strap system and the extra hidden taxes and fees you will be required to pay when it arrives.

If you are looking for a deal, some sites offer free shipping so you can save a little money if you look around.

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