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Phallosan is one of the oldest penis enlargement products that you can buy on the market. It’s not a traditional penis extender but still uses traction to increase penis size which is why it is worth mentioning and writing up a brief review.

A Brief History

Phallosan is the penis enlargement product manufactured by Orbisan Ltd. The company came into being in 1999, but the idea came from a friend who was having similar problems in 1997. They originally brought out a different device under the name of the penis+, and that’s where Phallosan evolved from.

What is Phallosan?

Controlled stretching is the proven method of choice for enlarging the penis. Phallosan is a bit different from some of the other products on the market as it uses a band system.

My Positive Experience

As previously mentioned, this is the sort of device that can be worn for hours straight without experiencing any problems. Negative pressure enhances this benefit, though, because it enables it to stay where it is while you go about your daily activities.

The device itself is made to last as it uses high quality materials in which to prevent corroding, breakage and rusting. Medical quality materials are utilized and it’s this which makes it a great product to use in the long term. I would also say that maintenance is simple as cleaning it is just a matter of wiping it down.

It does increase the size of your penis. I would recommend other products if dramatic changes are the aim. Overall, though, it does provide slower advances in growth.

The Issues

The main issue is that you have to wear this sort of product for quite a long time. It’s not something that you can just put on for a few hours and then expect to work. It doesn’t work that way.

Although it claims that it can help to cure the problem of a curvature of the penis I’ve yet to see much of an impact on my slight curvature. I acknowledge that it won’t work for everybody; however, I’m only going on what I’ve seen. For others it may have an impact. It just didn’t do anything for me. Clinical studies also don’t exist to back up any of the Phallosan claims when it comes to a penis curvature correction either.

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