Set Yourself Up For Success with a Penis Extender – 5 Top Tips

Schedule for Penis Extenders

When a guy clicks on Order for his penis extender he often feels like finally he can kick back and relax. After all, the only thing he needs to do is kick back, relax and wait

for the device to show up. Then he just has to use it – as often as possible, of course – and he’s golden! That’s the way it works, right?

Well, not exactly.

Sure, the advertising and featured reviews may have led you to believe the process would work that way, but the fact is that successful enlargement requires a bit more than simply wearing the penis extender as often as possible. There are a few different things men can do ahead of their device arriving that will improve how successful they are with enlargement over all. Check out these five simple things you can do NOW to improve the long-term results of your enlargement.

Set a Schedule Ahead of Time

Schedule for Penis ExtendersOne of the biggest surprises men experience is how much time is involved with wearing a penis extender. First, they simply take a while to get on and adjusted to a comfortable position. But there are also things men should do before they put on the device in order to improve its overall efficacy and reduce problematic side effects. A simple and relatively quick massage of the penis and groin can improve tissue flexibility and elasticity which, in turn, makes a penis extender more effective. Regular massages and even heat treatment with a warm cloth can improve a man’s success with enlargement but they also take up more valuable time. Think about your daily routine and work out a schedule now so that you can begin outing it in place and making it a habit before your device arrives. Get into the habit of waking up early, and even working on your massage techniques. Then, once your device arrives, your tissues will be more pliable and you will have already developed a new routine to accommodate the extra time.

Get Measurements Under Way

Of course, you don’t need to really begin routine measurements until your penis extender arrives but getting into the habit and learning how to measure yourself properly will save yourself some headaches in the future. Measuring your size isn’t as easy as you think it is and developing a way to measure and track that works well for your personality and lifestyle will make it easier to keep it up throughout the enlargement process.

Start Kegels

Give your enlargement plans a bit of a boost by starting Kegel exercises now. Some men have found that doing Kegels over time does give them a bit of a boost size-wise since it improves and bulks up the groin muscles that support the penis. While these exercises don’t increase size in the shaft, they can make the penis sit farther forward, thereby increasing its overall length.

Research New Techniques

One of the most common side effects men report when using a penis extender is a marked – but temporary – increase in sensitivity. For men with a history of premature ejaculation, this can be especially worrisome. Check out options for new positions and techniques now in order to make changing things up and dealing with this possibility without it derailing your motivation.

Talk to Your Partner

Talk to your partnerIf you haven’t already talked to your partner about your plans for enlargement, do so now. Using a penis extender simply isn’t something a man can hide easily, so don’t even try. Instead, open up to your partner about your plans and your goals so that she can help keep you motivated and so that she will understand if you find yourself needing to take steps to deal with side effects or keep motivated while waiting for results.