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How Scientific Advancement Has Improved the Male Enhancement Market

Technological advances have made almost every part of our lives simpler and easier to handle. For men looking for ways to improve their sexual performance, technological advances have led to more improved and effective penis extender options, supplements and even diet and exercise programs designed with the backing of scientific research to deliver the best possible results.

Penis Enlargement … With Science!

ScienceIn 2012, a study out of Italy made headlines when it proved the efficacy of a penis extender by proving a high-quality device really can deliver when it comes to gains in length. Since then, male enhancement companies have found ways to make their products more comfortable and more effective. Breakthroughs in plastic moulding and tension designs have ushered in a new generation of penis extender options.

These new models can be worn for longer and are more effective overall, proving results sooner and lessening some of the aches and pains associated with penis enlargement. While many of these advancements have been with tension based penis extender models, many companies are optimistic that improvements can soon be made to vacuum pump enlargement devices in order to help men looking for long-term gains in girth.

The Science of Sex

Perhaps the most important breakthrough has been in the most basic part of sexual performance – nutrition. A new understanding of the vital role nutrition plays in whole body health has led to a revolution in male enhancement products. Supplements and vitamin combinations can now be formulated exactly in order to deliver the rights herbs and minerals for any sexual performance issue. There are specific supplements for everything from a waning libido to improving the quality and quantity of a man’s ejaculate.

Adopting a whole food, plant-based diet has also been linked with improved sexual performance and is now a common treatment plan for men complaining of impotence, premature ejaculation and lowered libido. Even for men who don’t have a problem, cutting back on meats, fat and salt can improve almost every aspect of their performance – and pleasure. Better health means a healthier cardiovascular system which means better circulation to every part of the body. It’s that circulation which is key to improving performance and heightening sensitivity.

Finally, advancement in neurology have unlocked some of the secrets to humanity’s biggest sex organ – the brain. A number of researchers have begun to focus on the impact the mind has on sexual gratification and they’ve uncovered a treasure trove of information that has helped to explain some of our common beliefs about sex. For example, researchers have found that absence really does make the heart grow fonder … or the loins at least. One study out of Brigham Young University concluded that couple who abstained from sex developed better, more well-rounded relationships and, ultimately, better sex lives. Other studies have confirmed that masturbation is not only healthy, it can lead to better sexual performance and can encourage fantasy and role play between couples. Further research is uncovering better ways people can tap into their sexual energy leading to new ways to enhance libido for both men and women.

Everyone knows that science has delivered a number of improvements to our daily lives. While we often focus on the improvements science has given us in terms of everyday convenience, communication and entertainment, there is a whole field of study and research focused on ways in which people can improve their sexual satisfaction. Advancement in everything from the manufacture of penis extender brands, the formulation of vitamins and supplements and even a better understanding of the human brain has a strong connection to human sexuality. While we’ve always known that “sex sells”, so to speak, science is proving that’s more than just a piece of common sense – it’s truly a part of the human condition.