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Penis Extenders And Common Misconceptions About Penis Size

If you’ve been reading penis enlargement reviews and are thinking about getting a penis extender, you’re probably mentally preparing for some changes in your life. Maybe you’ve imagined what it would be like to be well-endowed, and what a difference it would make.
Misconceptions About Penis SizeWhile it’s true that large men and smaller men have significantly different experiences of some aspects of life, and a penis extender will benefit you in many ways, it’s also possible that you’ve fallen prey to some common misconceptions about penis size.

Misconception #1: The Meaning of Average

Average is a mathematical term whereby a set of numbers is added up and then divided by the number of figures included in the set. For example, in a set of the two numbers 0 and 100, the average is 50, although neither of those numbers are even close to 50. Many men interpret the term average to mean normal or baseline, but that isn’t what mathematical averages represent. The average erection is 5.5 inches long, but that simply means that there are as many men with an erect length below 5.5 inches as there are men above that. Many men think of their penis size as being below normal, which isn’t what below average means at all.

Misconception #2: There is a Correlation Between Flaccid and Erect Penis Size

Multiple scientific studies have shown that there is no correlation between the size of a penis in it’s flaccid and erect states. Average flaccid penis size is 1 to 4 inches, but in most cases small flaccid penises grow bigger proportionally when erect, while large flaccid penises don’t increase as much proportionally. Stretched length is the closest indicator of erect size, which may reinforce the appeal of a penis extender for those men wishing to gain size.

Misconception #3: Race Influences Penis Size

Race and Penis SizeRepeated studies have debunked this as simply being untrue. The one widely-cited study that shows that African men have larger penises than Europeans and Asians was deeply flawed, and relied on men self-reporting their measurements on the internet. No reputable scientific study has found a consistent correlation between race and penis size.

Misconception #4: Micropenis is Devastating For Men

In truth, statistically, the men who worry most about penis size are men who measure within the average range. Men with micropenis actually report less distress and fewer sexual challenges than average men. It is theorized that this is because men with micropenis (less than 3 inches when erect) have found ways to satisfy their partners that don’t rely on the penis. As few as 7% of women can orgasm from vaginal penetration; most rely on stimulation of the clitoris. Men with micropenis generally specialize in using fingers, tongues, and toys to please their partners, and these couples report decent levels of sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

Misconception #5: Women Prefer Large Penises

Naturally, there is as much variation in the size of the vagina as there is in the size of the penis, so individual women will have preferences that best suit their particular anatomy. And a recent scientific study has been widely publicized under the conclusion that women prefer large penises; however, the actual results of that study were that women prefer penises over 3 inches in length. Above 3 inches, their preference doesn’t statistically increase very much. This study actually reinforces what other studies have shown, which is that most women prefer penises within the normal range.

Investing in a penis extender can help some men achieve greater levels of self confidence and self esteem, even if they haven’t been taken in by these misconceptions. After all, the real change that a larger penis makes in a man’s life is not measured in sexual prowess or satisfaction. In fact, it isn’t even measured in inches at all. The difference is in his confidence and self-esteem, which impact every area of a man’s life in sometimes intangible ways. People with high self esteem respond better to challenges and setbacks, recover more quickly from failures, and suffer less stress. High self confidence is a predictor of overall health and longevity. For that reason alone, it is often a worthwhile undertaking to enlarge the penis when possible. Check out some penis enlargement reviews and make sure that the method you choose is reputable and effective, and meets your needs and expectations. You have a lot to gain.