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How to Make the Most Out of Your Penis Extender

Deciding to invest in a penis extender is a pretty big decision. Conducting research, finding out which extender is right for you and then sourcing a high quality device can take time and, typically, a fair bit of money. High quality extenders cost more but, of course, the logic is that the layoff will be worth it. When men are willing to put that much time, energy and money into a penis enlargement device, it makes sense that they would want to make the most of it. So while men are working on the size of their penis, they should also be working on other areas of male enhancement in order to have their investment truly pay off.

Working With a Penis Extender – How to Get Bigger Benefits

There’s a cliché about men never reading the direction to anything – not to power tools or maps. While many of us laugh over this stereotype, it rings true for millions of men. A sense of pride may come from figuring out how to do or use something without consulting the instructions, but this approach won’t win you any favors when it comes to using a penis extender. Men may be able to figure out how it is attached and even how it works without cracking open that directions pamphlet, but they won’t be able to get the full benefit without taking some time to actually read those instructions.

SexySimply put, extenders, pumps and other penis enlargement devices are designed to be intuitive, or easy to use. However, they also need to be used in the correct way and for the correct amount of time. Slapping on a penis extender for a few minutes a day may make men feel as though they are achieving gains, but study after study has proven that for real results, the device must be worn for several hours over the course of several weeks.

What to Do While You’re Waiting

Since any long term gains using a penis extender will take some time, may men feel a sense of urgency about wanting to get results. While men go through the various routines of wearing or using their penis enlargement device, there are steps they can take to improve their sex life and which will yield results much more quickly. The following four sex life boosters can bring results in under a week and will bolster the gains men make with any other device they choose to use.

  • Lose the Gut – Start working out and focus on those abs. Don’t worry about getting a perfect 6 pack, but focus instead on simply getting rid of any belly that may be forming. Better and deeper thrusting power means being able to have the greatest range of motion and a beer belly – no matter how small – means less power. A high intensity workout session, when coupled with a healthy diet, can easily have you seeing results within the first week.
  • Location, Location, Location – Just like real estate, getting the right position when it comes to sex can make all the difference. Positions which feature the man on top allows, once again, for deeper penetrations and can make it seem as though their penis is longer or wider. The man on top positions also encourages better blood flow to the penis, which can produce better and harder erections.
  • Dance – Work on some of those moves, even if it means dancing when no one’s around. Sexual technique relies just as much on rhythm as it does stamina or sexual virility.
  • Unplug and Unwind – Turn off the gaming system put your phone away and get away from the TV. Zoning out in front of a screen can sap a person’s energy and keep their mind distracted long after they’ve gone to bed. Spend the evenings together instead, engaged in some one on one non-sexual fun. Keeping the zing in your relationship will keep the spark in your bed.

These methods can help improve sexual satisfaction while men are using a penis extender. Combining overall male enhancement with penis enlargement methods brings a host of benefits. By the time men begin to see results with their enlargement methods, the enhancement methods will also be paying off in dividends. Not only will men be better equipped to satisfy their partner, they’ll also have improved their stamina, technique and overall relationship in the meantime.