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The Five Things to Look For When Shopping for a Penis Extender

The Five Things to Look For When Shopping for a Penis Extender

Shopping around for a penis extender can be overwhelming to say the least. There are dozens of models to choose from and about a hundred different websites that sell them. Then you

have the thousands of men who take to the Internet to share their reviews, experiences and complaints with fellow men. Let’s face it – there’s so much information to take in that it’s no wonder some men give up before they even get started.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you take your time and look for five simple hallmarks, you can navigate through the options much more easily. That’s why we have brought together these five signs of a quality penis extender.

Good, Legitimate Reviews

You can find penis extender reviews at many different websites. Most models will have at least some reviews, though newer models may not have many yet. But the number of reviews is less important than the quality of those reviews. Some companies pay people to write positive reviews and flood various websites with these fake reviews. So one product could have more than 100 of reviews while another has 10 but if the one with more is just full of fake reviews, what does that tell you? Look for products with well-written, honest reviews from guys with profiles that reflect their genuine interest in male enhancement.


ScienceListen, penis enlargement isn’t about luck or magic or anything else – it’s about hard, solid science. Enlargement devices work by using a small amount of tension over a long period of time to reform and reshape the penis. This has been the basis for successful enlargement literally for generations. Back in the ancient Middle East and throughout Asia men would use weights and special stretches to elongate the penis. These methods did work if done properly and over a long enough period of time, but they had a tendency to thin the penis as well. Modern day devices use a smaller amount of exactly controlled tension in order to prevent the girth of a man’s penis from shrinking during the process.

Diagrams and Real Life Photos

Forget drawings, depictions and slick shot video of a device, you want to be able to see exactly what you’re going to get. So look for companies and reviewers that show the penis extender through close up photos and diagrams showing how everything works. This will ensure you understand how the device is meant to work and can also give you some idea as to how comfortable it is likely to be. This is an important factor as you decide whether you plan to wear it overnight or under your clothes during the day.

A Quality Company

No device in the world will do you much good if the company selling it is difficult to work with. Whether you need to arrange payment, ask about shipping or you have an issue after your penis extender arrives, you’ll need a company that actually cares. As you read through reviews for specific penile enlargement device models and options, do a side check on the companies selling these devices. Be wary of any company with poor reviews when it comes to customer service, even if the products are of good quality.

Little to No Over the Top Marketing

When a product is good, it pretty much sells itself. That doesn’t mean good product don’t get promoted, but you’re unlikely to see crazy, over the top or in your face approaches to marketing. Hit a website that triggers a ton of pop-ups for their amazing products for deals you just won’t find anywhere else but only if you act right now like this every second NOW? Get out of there FAST. No company with a catalogue of reputable products has to bombard visitors that way. Instead, focus on products that have high end marketing that simply tell you about the device itself and offers resources like independent reviews, close up photographs and even instructional videos.