Penis Extenders

Five Red Flags to Watch for When Shopping Around for a Penis Extender

Shopping around for a penis extender

Shopping around these days is pretty much second nature to most people. After all, there are reviews and details on everything from shower curtains to shoes. But there appears to be a big disconnect when it comes to shopping around for personal improvement products such as supplements or even penis extenders.

This happens primarily because these products are deeply personal. Many people just aren’t comfortable sharing reviews through social media or even on major accounts such as Amazon where friends and family may stumble across it. So guys have to hit up a variety of websites, many of which allow anonymous reviews. That can make it more difficult to know which reviews are really trustworthy.

The best way to know which reviews are legit is to know how to spot ones which simply aren’t. That’s why we brought together five of the biggest red flags men can be on the lookout for in order to protect their money, time and health when shopping around for a penis extender.

Name Dropping Like Mad

Companies that create fake reviews often ask their fake review writers to include the full name of the penis extender or other enlargement product in both the title and the review itself. If a review mentions the product by name in every sentence then that’s a red flag that it could be a case of ‘keyword stuffing’. This practice refers to mentioning a specific word or phrase over and over again in the hopes it makes it more likely to turn up at the top of a list when someone does an online search for that same word or phrase. It’s a practice that actually used to work sometimes before Google changed the way they tally search results. But many shady companies still engage in the practice even though it’s not as effective as it once was.

Sounds Just Like the Marketing Hype

Since the people behind these fake reviews never actually use the product in question, they have to rely on the marketing and sales copy provided by the company. The end result is that many of these reviews are just reworded from the sales copy and so they sound very similar. Check out how the company markets the penis extender and if many of the reviews sound similar in tone and content, move on to your next choice.

Plenty of Spelling and Grammar Problems

No self-respecting writer will take on these kinds of fake reviews jobs so the people employed to write them often aren’t very good. Keep an eye out for plenty of spelling and grammar mistakes that are a sure sign something is fishy about the review.

Over the Top Results

Companies who want fake reviews want them to play up the AMAZING benefits of their penis extender or other male enhancement product. The people creating these false reviews will focus almost entirely on the end result and you can be sure that those results will be suspiciously positive. Men won’t just see added length or improved shape from using a certain penis extender, it will have made them grow by leaps and bounds and essentially changed their entire life. If the results someone is bragging about sound like a load of bull, you can be reasonably certain it isn’t a true and legitimate review.

No Complaints … Like NONE

No matter how great a product is, sometimes there will be things about it reviewers aren’t thrilled about. Perhaps their penis extender delivers impressive results, but it isn’t as comfortable or user-friendly as the reviewer may have liked. Or perhaps it was damaged in shipping or had a piece that wore out and needed to be replaced by the company. Fake reviews will simply never feature even minor issues such as these.