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Comparative Study Results: Penis Extender Better Than the Alternatives

Comparative Study Results

In recent years, several comprehensive studies have been conducted in order to determine whether different surgical and non-surgical methods that promise to increase the size of a man’s penis really work. A team of researchers and urology specialists at the University of Turin in Italy have now decided to compare the results of these studies carried out between 2000 and 2009. They took five surgical studies conducted on a total of 121 men, as well as six non-surgical ones with a total of 109 participants.

And the Winner Is…

Having compared the results, the researchers led by Dr. Paolo Gontero concluded that a penis extender is by far the safest and most efficient method available right now. Of the men who took part in these studies, a little over 70 opted to use a penis extender for a certain amount of time. Gontero notes that only six of them have experienced some side effects, though none of them dangerous. They were limited to pain, itching, and bruising, which could signal that these men weren’t using the device properly.

All of these men have reported an increase in the size of their penis after using a penis extender regularly for several months. On average, they’ve added between 0.2 inches and one inch to the size of their flaccid penis. Moreover, all men were uniformly satisfied with the results they’ve accomplished.

Gontero says that there’s nothing unusual about this. Applying traction force progressively over a period of time is a very old-fashioned technique that many of our ancestors have used. And it wasn’t just to enlarge their penises, but also to elongate their necks, as is still the custom in some modern-day tribal societies. This principle is put to practical use in a penis extender, which is what makes these devices so efficient. Compared to other methods, they are also much safer and completely non-invasive.

Is Surgery Really an Option?

The review of the results of studies focusing on surgical enlargement methods showed similar results as those that observed men who used a penis extender. However, Gontero notes that the safest surgical procedure, which involves cutting of the suspensory ligament connecting the penis to the pelvic bone, had little to no effect across all five studies the researchers have compared. What’s more, it doesn’t really increase a man’s penis size, but only allows more of what’s already there to be visible.

It was instead other methods that yielded positive results, leaving the patients with a feeling of satisfaction. But there’s a major downside to all of this, according to Gontero and his team. The more complex procedures are, the more dangerous and experimental they are considered to be. He warns that men should steer clear of surgical procedures that promise to increase the size of the penile girth.

These operations are very unsafe and carry a high risk of infections and poor results, both cosmetic and functional. As a urologist, he’s had a lot of experience with men whose members were damaged as a result of botched penis girth surgeries. In order to try and reverse the problem, he had to cut the penis wide open and re-operate to remove the injected substances (such as Botox). And although some of the men were lucky to be able to have the negative results reversed, in some cases, it’s not even possible.

The Psychological Effects

Medical professionals regularly point out that men who seek penis enlargement treatments are not necessarily in need of one. Gontero, too, admits that he’s regularly approached by men who are average, with flaccid penis size ranging from 1 to about 4 inches. However, he notes that many of these men have related psychological problems that result in a variety of sexual dysfunctions and performance issues.

This is the main effect of a phenomenon urologists refer to as penile dismorphophobia. Just like its body-related counterpart, this condition is all about men perceiving there’s a serious flaw in their physical appearance, when in fact there really isn’t one. Gontero notes that so far there haven’t been any studies that would focus on the psychological issues men who are unhappy with the size of their penis regularly face. As penis enlargement industry continues to grow, perhaps researchers will focus on this topic, too.