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Ultimate Stretcher Review

The Ultimate Stretcher is a budget oriented system with very few bells and whistles.  For some, it is ideal but for others who wish to go beyond to the next level, they‘ll be left out in the cold as there are no additional parts that can be purchased.  Keep reading and find out if it lives up to its “Ultimate” name or is it the “Ultimate” disappointment.

A Brief History

The Ultimate Stretcher is quite a unique device as it only extends to 6 inches. I can’t say much for their long history within the penis enlargement industry, but regardless of how long they’ve been around, they seem to have decent credentials, at least on the surface.

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What is the Ultimate Stretcher?

The Ultimate Stretcher is a penis extender that’s designed to increase the length and the girth of your penis. It comes in very basic packaging, anonymous shipping and has no additional spare parts.  It extends only to 6 inches and has decent tension springs at 1200g force.

My Positive Experience

It has to be mentioned that the device does work. That’s an important thing to get out of the way from the very beginning as there are so many penis enlargement techniques that just don’t. I’ve used the Ultimate Stretcher and it really does increase the size of my penis by about 1/2 and inch , but due to the weaker tension of the device, results came very slowly, over 4 months.

The Issues

At around $99 your still not getting your moneys worth. But as always, you get what you pay for. Don’t expect a top-notch extender for $99. It takes long to notice results but if you have patience and time you will get some gains from the Ultimate Stretcher.

Is it Worth Buying?

It is only worth buying as a starter starter system or if you goal is only to reach 6 inches.  There are better options for around the same price which will provide your with a more future proof penis extender.

Quick Extender Pro Starting at $119.93 98% 100% 95% 6 Months 96% 97%
Size Genetics Starting at $199.99 93% 100% 90% Unknown 95% 94%
Jes Extender Starting at $249.00 90% 100% 87% Unknown 96% 93%
Male Edge Starting at $179.00 85% 100% 88% Unknown 92% 91%
Pro Extender Starting at $299.95 90% 100% 87% Unknown 89% 91%
Ultimate Stretcher Starting at $149.93 90% 90% 86% Unknown 90% 89%
Phallosan Starting at $299.00 50% 75% 72% Unknown 91% 72%