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The Five Red Flags to Watch For When Reading Penis Enlargement Reviews

Any kind of self-help product can be difficult to shop around for online. Whether it’s a book, a supplement or a sexual enhancement device, the products simply aren’t something you can try before you buy so customers rely on reviews written by others in order to get an idea for the value and efficacy of a certain product. While reviews are meant to be written by previous customers, in some cases, unscrupulous Red Flagscompanies flood the market with fake reviews in order to boost sales while misleading customers. Here we’ve rounded up the five red flags you can watch for in order to avoid fakes and find advice that helps.

1. Watch Out for Excessively Broken English

One of the biggest advantages the internet brings to researching penis enlargement reviews is that men can get the opinions of a wide range of people. As such, there are some language barriers to be expected, but when penis enlargement reviews are written in such broken English that it becomes difficult to decipher them, the problem could be bigger than just a communication divide. The problem is that these reviews are written for money by writers working for very little money. As such, they have to write dozens upon dozens of penis enlargement reviews and, after a while, they begin to sound pretty bad. Spelling, grammar and proper sentence structure go out the window. If the review you’re reading is difficult to understand, consider it highly suspect.

2. How Many Times Do They Mention the Product Name?

When anyone writes a review, they mention the product by its name a few times. But a review that drops the full name of a specific product over and over again might be the product of a review with keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing in the practice of using a specific word or phrase to an extreme degree. Generally speaking, the reviewer should mention the product 3 times throughout the review. A review that mentions is once every two sentences has likely been written to drive traffic to the company’s website when a search is performed online.

3. Do They Get Specific?

The people who write fake penis enlargement reviews have not had any real world experience with the product in question. In some cases the writers are not even male and have no idea what it’s like to use an enlargement device or struggle with issues of size. Watch out for reviews that focus on the “amazing results” without getting into specifics on how the device works, what it looks like or even how to put in on or their experiences the first time they used it. The fact of the matter is these devices can be a bit unwieldy and difficult to use properly for first-time users and a well written, honest review is bound to touch on this subject.

4. A Review Writer With Nothing Bad to Say

A friend who never speaks poorly of others is a wonderful thing, a reviewer with nothing bad to say probably has an ulterior motive. Companies don’t pay for writers to include the shortcomings of their products. Fake reviews simply never have a bad word to say about anything. If a review focuses only on the good and never mentions any problems or glitches – especially with a product known to be a little difficult at first – consider it a fake.

5. Consider the Source

These days, reviews are posted on a variety of websites. Penis enlargement reviews can be found directly on company websites, through third part retail websites and one message boards, community forums and websites that focus on male enhancement products. When reading reviews, click the name of the reviewer to see what else they’ve written about in order to see if their reviews tend to be honest or if each of them carries two or more of these red flags.

The market for male enhancement products including supplements, books and devices is worth millions of dollars every year. In this highly competitive market, some companies will do anything necessary in order to succeed, even if it means misleading the public. Fake review writing has become shockingly widespread and knowing what to watch for can help customers be better informed, guarding their money, their time and their trust.