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The Five Most Common Penis Extender Mistakes

Investing in a penis extender means laying out a fair bit of money and making a sizeable commitment of your time. Although shopping around and learning about different models has become pretty standard, plenty of guys still make the same mistakes once they finally get their device in the mail. Here we’ve gathered together five of the most common mistakes men make when using extenders.

1. Not Reading the Directions

MistakesAlthough penis extender models vary somewhat from one model to another, the one thing they all have in common is that at first glance they appear to be pretty straight forward and easy to use. While they are designed to be intuitive for users, it’s well worth taking the time to read the directions. That’s where you’ll learn about finding the most comfortable way to wear the device as well as tips on how to put it on and take it off without hurting yourself.

2. Skipping Warm-Ups

When lengthening the penis, you want the tissues and skin to be as pliable as possible. This will help in producing the best results and it will reduce the “growing pains” often associated with penis enlargement of any kind. Warming up the area by using a steam bath, warm wash-cloth and massage techniques can help to make your experience with penis enlargement a positive one. Once you’ve completed a session with your penis extender, it’s also a good idea to go through a cool down routine, similar to what you do when working out. Again, this helps to promote the best results possible as it maintains the elasticity of the skin and prevents the tissues from injury.

3. Making Sessions Too Short

Initially, a penis extender can be somewhat uncomfortable to use. Even when used properly and with a warm up for the area, the act of stretching a penis is, quite simply, not the most comfortable sensation in the world. After using the device a few times, you’ll become used to it and, of course, warming up and cooling down after each session will help to mitigate much of this discomfort. But the initial pain does result in some men simply not wearing the device as long or as frequently as they need to in order to achieve results.

4. Wearing the Device Too Long or Too Often

On the other end of the spectrum are guys who wear their extender non-stop thinking the more often they wear it, the greater their results. At first, you may not be able to wear the device for very long, but it is important to build up your ability to wear it slowly, over time. Wearing a penis extender for too long or too often can cause a great deal of discomfort and you run the risk of developing tissue injuries which can put a serious crimp in your sex life. It can be difficult to be patient with the process, but rushing it could leave you out of commission for much longer.

5. Expecting Overnight Results

Any type of body modification takes time to achieve. Whether you’re working on developing those 6-pack abs or increasing penis size, you need to put in the work before you see any results. A high quality and effective penis extender will produce results when used properly, but those results won’t show up overnight. Be prepared to wait several weeks before you see a big change. Take your measurements carefully and uniformly if you are tracking your progress. Many men find that tracking progress on paper (or on their computer) makes it easier to see the changes.

Making the decision to begin working with a penis enlargement device is a big one. Many times, men are so anxious to finally get started that they want to rush the process of they want to jump right into the deep end. Both of these approaches can lead to poor results and, in extreme cases, personal injury. Taking the time to understand how the process works and what healthy steps you can take to increase your success will help you make the most out of your investment.