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Five Myths About Having a Small Penis

Penis size is something most men worry about at some point in their lives. For some guys, the concerns begin in adolescence, when body shape is constantly changing. While these Five Mythsconcerns may dissipate over time for some, for others the concerns never really go away. Even when men learn they measure up well within the national averages, they still feel like an extra bit of length or girth could give them what they need to perform even better. And, of course, there are men who simply have a small penis – whether it’s just on the short end of the average measurements or it simply doesn’t measure up at all. Small penis size isn’t something most men are willing to discuss openly and, as a result, there are plenty of myths surrounding the condition. We’ve dug up the five most common and are here to lay them to rest once and for all.

1. Small Penis = BIG Ego

This is perhaps the most common myth about guys with a small penis. It’s been called Small Man Syndrome and the Napoleon Complex for the most part but it has no real connection to penis size. While some studies do suggest there may be a correlation between a man’s height and his ego, no studies have found any connection between ego and penis size. Of course, there are always guys who are the exceptions to prove the rule but, generally speaking, how a man behaves with regards to ego is no indication of what he’s packing below the belt.

2. Guys With a Small Penis Never Talk About Sex

The idea behind this myth is that if men talk a lot about sex, invariably questions about their penis size will come up as a part of the conversation. But, as any guy knows, penis size is only a part of how well he performs in bed. Men with an average and even above average penis know that sex is about more than penetrative intercourse – it’s about foreplay, having fun and enjoying that time with your partner by exploring every part of their body. Small men are no less likely to discuss sex than anyone else, end of story.

3. Smaller Guys Are Amazing at Oral Sex

This one may be little more than wishful thinking on the part of many ladies, but there’s no evidence to back it up. The truth is that any guy, regardless of penis size, who wants to be an excellent lover puts in the time and effort to learn how to perform oral sex like a champ. How well a guy performs oral sex has nothing to do with his penis size but everything to do with how seriously he takes his sexual performance and the sexual satisfaction of his partner.

4. They Always Go On About “Size Doesn’t Matter.”

This particular myth has a grain of truth in it. Smaller guys may not go on and on about size, but they prove that size doesn’t always matter. It’s true that a larger penis can enhance sexual performance for men and, in many cases, satisfaction for women, but it’s not the only thing that matters. Smaller penis size can give men motivation to learn better foreplay techniques, learn about positions that allow greater thrust and generally up their game. A man who talks endlessly about penis size is more likely to be covering up a lack of knowledge about sex which indicates poor performance, but nothing about size.

5. There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

This is the most dangerous myth of all because it simply isn’t true. Men have been finding ways to change the shape of their penis since the dawn of recorded history. While guys back in the day may have used weights and special stretching exercises, guys today have a huge range of choices when it comes to choosing a penis extender or vacuum pump to give them the length or girth they want. Choosing a penis extender today is easy to do thanks to a variety of websites, reviews and community forums. Different penis extender models achieve different results, so if you’ve been considering a penis extender be sure to do your homework so you know you’re getting a good deal and a high quality product that can deliver results.