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Penis Extender – One of the Best Penis Enlargement Methods

Broadly speaking, most men are often curious about the anatomy of other guys, not for the purpose of sexual gratification of course, but more so in awe of their extended manliness. There is somewhat of a public-gym-shower-room legacy that those that are physically endowed often swagger through the wet areas and changing rooms with machismo from having a ripped body and a large penis. Anyone who works out regularly knows this. These men are often thought of as masculine and accomplished in the sexual realm. Although there is no correlation between masculinity and sexuality nonetheless, it still remains as a legitimate argument for some men.

Techniques and Methods

Best enlargement methodsThere are several ways for men to naturally and safely enhance their penis size. The most effective and tried method to increase the size of the penis is the use of a penile traction device called a penis extender. With a penis extender, the traction device is attached to the shaft of the penis using a regulated stretching mechanism to effectively extend the penis. Leading brand penis extenders are medically endorsed by urologists and medical professionals as a reliable, easy and affordable method to enhance the penis.

The penis responds very well to traction. The mechanism of consistent pulling and stretching causes the tissues of penis shaft to undergo micro-breaks. The process of tissue cellular repair creates growth of new cell tissues that eventuate in an extended penis.

The aim of a penis extender is to stretch the portion of the penis that holds blood throughout erection; this region of biological tissues and blood vessels are collectively termed corpora cavernosa. When the corpora cavernosa is larger and wider, this means there is increased surface area for more blood to flow. Now the penis is able to fill it up with more blood, which means that it will be more firm, eventuating in a harder erection.

The majority of penis extender devices have been manufactured to be discreet and safe to use. The leading brands of extenders provide users with a comfortable device that can be worn for long periods of time.

There are other natural techniques for consideration. One of the oldest practices to enlarge a man’s reproductive organ is the Jelqing technique. It is a traditional method used by many cultures across several generations. The aim of this method is to maximize blood flow to the penis. Gripping the penis with the thumb and finger, the penis is stroked and pulled, essentially to push all of the blood in the penis towards the penile head. By accumulating blood in this area, the penis will become larger and longer. Even though this method has been used over generations, it is unfortunately a time intensive way to stretch the penis. Over-use or incorrect use of Jelqing can lead to problems such as penis malformation and scar tissue formation.

Another technique which is cost-effective is called the ‘long schlong’ technique. This technique involves holding of the penis head and stretching it by applying pressure on the penile head for up to fifteen seconds. Users are recommended to repeat this action for up to five times to ensure the penis is fully stretched. At this stage, the penis is warm from the multiple stretching actions. Next the penis is massaged in order to bring it back to its flaccid state. Once normal blood flow is restored, the penis is firmly held and pulled to one side until pressure is felt on the opposite side of the penis. To ensure effectiveness, it is recommended that users perform this technique at least twice a day.


Each method and technique described above has its benefits and disadvantages associated with its use. Thus far, the penis extender devices have reported high success rates for penis enlargement. With a device that is easy and simple to use, penis extenders give the results that are visible. Using a penis extender would not cause any harmful side effects nor will it interfere with performance, fertility or get in the way of urination. Backed by scientific methodology and supported by medical professionals, the traction device seems like the most effective technique to enlarge the penis. As a device that doesn’t pose any risks and does prove to work, we would put our money on the penis extender.