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How Much of a Difference Can a Penis Extender Make?

Men are often looked upon as being innately confident and naturally self-assured. However, millions of men suffer with bouts of anxiety and self-doubt over the shape of their penis. Although many of these men worry needlessly, they nevertheless look into options to make their penis longer, thicker, stronger, straighter or otherwise different than what they were born with. Other men choose to do nothing and either attempt to come to terms with their natural penis shape and size or continue to suffer in silence – often missing out on intimate relationships and even just friendships as their worry and anxiety affects their overall self-esteem.

Improve your sex lifeThere are a number of options available to men who want to change the appearance of their penis. Surgeries, pills, pumps and other enhancement products have flooded the market in recent years. Each one promises to change the shape of the penis or to make it stay hard for longer, delay ejaculation or even make their orgasm more intense. Since this market is still somewhat taboo there are plenty of scam artists selling products which can be, at best, ineffective and, at worst, downright dangerous. Still, men spend millions of dollars every year in the pursuit of what they consider to be the perfect penis. Can these enhancement treatments really make a difference?

The short answer is yes. Even just beginning to take the steps needed to resolve the problem can make men feel better about themselves and their bodies. Often, once men begin to investigate their options for improving the shape and appearance of their penis they find that caring for their body as a whole can have a great impact on their sexual performance. Men who want to change a physical aspect of their penis may begin their research looking into pumps or penis extenders. Reading reviews of machines and getting involved in online message boards or forums which focus on men’s sexual health can help men find just the right piece of equipment. It can also help men to see they are not alone and that, chances are, their condition isn’t as bad as they may have initially thought.

Taking steps to enhance the look or performance of your penis can have a positive effect not only on your sex life but also with your self-esteem and general health. The anxiety many men have about their penis can lead to higher levels of stress, raised blood pressure and emotional issues such as increased irritability and an inability to connect with their partner on a deeper level. This heightened stress and anxiety can also effect other relationships including those with their families and even professional relationships at work.

In order to make the most of any penile enhancement option, men should

  • Understand the ingredients of any pill or how any machine works before you buy it
  • Read reviews from other websites (not the website selling the product)
  • Check out posts on message boards and forums which focus on sexual issues
  • Read penile extender reviews and penis enlargement reviews from a variety of websites to make sure you’re getting unbiased information
  • Shop around for similar products in order to make sure you’re getting the best product and the best deal
  • Talk to your doctor about your concerns to find out how likely any of these products will actually work for you

Finally, as you begin to take steps to get help with your penis, make sure you also work on the emotional component for better sexual self esteem.  Sexual performance isn’t all about the physical appearance of your penis. The old adage “It’s not what you have but how you use it” may be a bit of a cliché, but it’s absolutely true. There’s nothing wrong with exploring ways to improve the look of your penis, especially if it’s something that brings you stress or anxiety, but your efforts should not begin and end with your crotch. Take the time to work on your personal self-esteem and overall health as well and you’ll have all the benefits of whatever enlargement or enhancement option you choose as well as a more well rounded self of self and increased overall health – both of which can enhance your personal life and especially your sex life.